What is the process for getting a proposal? 

It all starts with a discussion. If a customer has drawings or an idea of what they want, they submit it to us and we create a proposal based on those guidelines. If a customer isn’t sure what they want, we go through the design process with them to create what works best for them and their property and then create the proposal from there.

What is the difference between a crib dock and steel dock?

Crib docks are wooden, which have a tendency to move with weather conditions. Steel docks are driven to a point of refusal, so providing it is built well, and not affected by conditions such as ice, it should keep straight and level for years to come. We recommend that if you plan to build a boathouse, you should put a steel dock beneath it. A boathouse on cribs will warp and move as the crib dock underneath it does.

How long does a steel dock typically last?

Providing the dock is built properly, it will last as long as a wood dock or longer.

Can you only build docks in open water?

No, we build docks all year round. It’s actually easier to build them while working on the ice!

Do you have to have land access?

No, we have the equipment to be able to work on islands.

What does a dock cost?

Every dock is different. It all depends on the size of the dock, any extras to the steel (ex. coatings) and the conditions of the property.

Do you have to demolish a boathouse to replace an old dock?

No! We can lift the boathouse and replace the dock underneath. 

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